Crypto Trading is now history…Corporate Digital Ads Trading Platform – Ad Network

Crypto Trading is now history…Corporate Digital Ads Trading Platform – Ad Network

Crypto Trading is now history…

Corporate Digital
Ads Trading

With Limitless Investment
Earn ₹35000 Per Conversion

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PerPayment Performance Marketing

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HireKhan is a Global Online Platform for Hiring and Outsourcing of Manpower & Projects available in 12 International Languages.

The Concept also covers:

  • – HireKhan Verified CVs
  • – Employer Side Job Portal
  • – HireKhan Job Seeker Mobile App


HireKhan Manpower

HireKhan BPO

HireKhan Projects is a Global Online Financial Networking Platform and Funding Marketplace for everyone in the business fraternity, viz-­‐ a-­‐viz,

  • – Businessmen
  • – Innovators
  • – Business Sellers
  • – Investors
  • – Fundacle Agents


Global BPAN System

Fundseeker Platform

Investor Platform

American IRS® is a credit rating online agency widely used by Business Customers, Vendors and Suppliers to review a Company’s Business Credit Profile.

Services Include:

  • – Business Credit Report
  • – Individual A-I-R-S Number™
  • – Covid-19 Bulk Vendor Verification
  • – Website & Email Secured Seal

American IRS

Covid-19 Supplier Verification

Business Credit Report

Individual A-I-R-S Number™
What is PerPayment Affiliate Marketing
PerPayment Affiliate Marketing is free. You need to sign up & follow the instruction
in your PerPayment Dashboard to share & make money through Social Networks, Website Ads & App Notifications & Bulks Emails

PerPayment Affiliate Marketing is for Influencer Marketing, Bloggers, Celebrities, Empty Ad Space Monetization(Blogs, Website & Apps) , WhatsApp Groups, Customer Data Monetization, & Others

Influencer marketing involves a brand collaborating with an online influencer to market one of its products or services. Some influencer marketing collaborations are less tangible than that – brands simply work with influencers to improve brand recognition.

Ad Network is a program run by PerPayment, Inc., through which brands / individuals having online presence can share PerPayment Links and Make Money

Through PerPayment View Income Analytics feature real time income gerenarted can be tracked online

Signup now on PerPayment Ad Network to start Affiliate Marketing.

How PerPayment Ads Trading Platform makes money?

Trading has been the benchmark for any society to functions starting from barter exhange, to good trading & stock trading

Saturation has come in stock trading and with no detailed clarity where the money invested for stock trading is invested, also stock can be manupulated

PerPayment Ads Trading is the most simplest trading model for investment where investor can actualy view realtime income analytics

How PerPayment Ads Trading works? It’s simple…

  • – You open PerPayment Ads Trading Account & Hire Account Manager
  • – Your PerPayment Account Manager understand your investment vision for PerPayment Ads Trading
  • – Your PerPayment Trading A/C is opened online with your bank account integerated & Google Ads Setup is done with mutually selected tech product and country location
  • – You are the requested to recharge your Google Ads Account Online through Net Banking / Card / UPI
  • – You can view realtime PerPayment Income Analytics and every 1st of the month your bank account is credited post TDS deduction
Invest in what you can view & discuss that is PerPayment Ads Trading

Get the most out of Ad Network Program

Paid Ad Networks

Social Networking Ad Mediums










Types Of Ads

Text Ads

A text ad is a form of written marketing communication that advertisers use to promote product or service. A text ad typically includes a title that’s also a clickable link to a webpage, one or two lines of text, and a website address.
Sample Text Ad:


HireKhan ® – A Global Online Platform for Resource Hiring.End to End Recruitment Process. Book Resources on Contract or Employment Model

Image Ads

An image ad consists of an image that you provide featuring information about a business, services, or products. When people click anywhere on the ad, they’ll be taken to the concerned website. Image ads can appear on webpages and other places in the Display Network.
Sample Image Ad:

Video Ads

Video advertising is the process of displaying ads either inside online video content – usually before, during or after a video stream, known as pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll – or as standalone ads. Video advertising is promotional content that plays before, during or after streaming content.
Sample Video Ad:

For questions big and small, find answers here.

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What is PerPayment Ads Trading Network?

Ans: PerPayment Ads Trading Network is similar to stock trading, In Ads Trading you are putting the money after due diligence with your PerPayment Account Manager and you can visa Realtime income analytics ₹35000 per conversion.

How does PerPayment Ads Trading Network work?

Ans: Your PerPayment Ads trading account is opened integrated with your bank account, Google Ads Account is created for you and unique Google Ads is created with unique PerPayment Link for below Platforms – Fintech, HR Tech, Ratings

What are the Ad Network Products?

Ans: Ad Network Products are as listed below:


An HR Tech Platform for Worldwide Outsourcing of IT and BPO Projects & Manpower Hiring.


A Global Online Fintech Platform to raise funds and standardizing investment proposals making life easier for both the fund seekers and the investors.

American IRS

A Global Credit Rating and Website Verification Platform that validates the legitimacy of an individual proprietor, a business or a website.

What are the different types of Ads?

Ans: Ad Network gives access to 3 types of Ads namely:

  • – Text Ads
  • – Image Ads
  • – Video Ads

What is Earn Per Conversion?

Ans: For every Google Ads click received & client makes the payment, you will earn up to ₹35000 and will be credited in your PerPayment Trading A/C and on every 1st of month your bank account is credited for accumulated income

How much does it cost to open PerPayment Ads Trading A/C?

Ans: You have to pay one time cost to hire PerPayment Account Manager who will be your point of contact, there is no further charge

Is PerPayment an Influencer Platform?

Yes. PerPayment Ads can be used by social networking influencers so share on social networking in 30 seconds and make money.

Is PerPayment Ads Trading Program Platform?

Yes. PerPayment can be used by Individuals, Corporates, SME, MSME, Philanthropists & Other institutions similar to Mutual funds / Stock market by giving paid ads of HireKhan, Fundacle & American IRS® of Global Ads Platforms like Google Ads, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat & Other Platforms for income from PerPayment up to ₹35000 which is paid per conversion. i.e. when any customer clicks the ads and register on HireKhan, Fundacle or American IRS® and make financial payment for the services.

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