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Outsource Online to India. HR.BPO.IT

We are HireKhan

On Outsourcing & Job Creation Verticals, HireKhan is here to Change the Game.
The Whole Game.


We realize The art of, and need for, creating jobs. Hiring the right employee enhances work culture and pays back a thousand times over. HireKhan offers global online platform of hiring and outsourcing manpower & projects making like easier both for job seekers as well as for employers. mobile app development portfolio

mobile app development portfolio - HireKhan

HireKhan Manpower Platform

mobile app development portfolio - HireKhan

Human Resource – The Most Valuable Asset of an Organization

Hiring the right employee enhances work culture and pays back a thousand times over. It is crucial to ensure that the right candidate is hired and retained in the organisation. More than 30% of businesses, according to data, fail because of bad hires. Hence, Recruiting the right people carries supreme importance for the continuation of the success of an organization. A company can only be as solid as the team who props it up, so ensuring you bring only the crème of employees on board is essential to your business’ growth and longevity. mobile app development portfolio

mobile app development portfolio - HireKhan

HireKhan –
An Edge over Others

HireKhan brings to you “First Time Online Manpower Ordering Facility”. It is a genuine attempt to give a paradigm shift to the whole business scenario in the Business / People consulting realm. We at HireKhan are striving to change the way recruitment is done.

Imagine of Ordering Manpower or Outsourcing Manpower Online and the same is getting delivered on time like any commodity. That is what HireKhan is promising. With Innovative, Disruptive & Patented processes, HireKhan offers global online platform for hiring and outsourcing of Manpower & Projects making life easier both for Job Seekers as well as Employers.. mobile app development portfolio

mobile app development portfolio - HireKhan
What we do

Our Online Staffing Services Include:

mobile app development portfolio - HireKhan
Contract Staffing

The term refers to an employment arrangement, where an individual works for your company, but is actually an employee of HireKhan for a specified period of time, to complete a specific task, for a set pay rate. Industry demand for contract staffing continues to grow because of its varied benefits. Companies utilize contract staffing for special projects, to evaluate a prospective employee’s skills, to work around hiring freezes, and to respond more rapidly to changing markets. mobile app development portfolio

mobile app development portfolio - HireKhan
Permanent / Employment Staffing

permanent staffing is generally with the intent to retain the employee for a longer period of time and focus on critical business functions. Permanent employee works for your company and are paid directly by your company. This involves one time sourcing fee. With our latest AI technology and complete background verification services included, HireKhan leaves no stone unturned to source the best suited candidate for your organization. mobile app development portfolio

mobile app development portfolio - HireKhan
Contract to Hire

A hybrid of temporary and permanent hire, contract-to-hire is a way for clients and talent to test the waters. It allows potential employees to prove themselves to the company and see if the culture is a good fit. Likewise, it allows the client to test the candidate for a predetermined period of time. During the contract period, the talent will be employed by HireKhan. On absorption of the Off Role Employee into your company role, an Absorption Charge is levied.

Hire the Right – Every Time

Enter ‘Job Title’ in the Search Box above from the plethora of Industry Departments listed on our Menu and just sit back and relax, while our team in combination with latest AI Technology, get down to sourcing the best suitable candidate for you. mobile app development portfolio

mobile app development portfolio - HireKhan


Our Hiring methodology involves TOPGRADING HIRING METHODOLOGY IN INTERGRATION WITH ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. The prospective employees undergo a 12-step process that includes extensive interviews, the creation of detailed job scorecards, research into job history, coaching, and more. After being interviewed and reference-checked, job candidates are grouped into one of three categories: A Players, B Players, or C Players. A Players have the most potential for high performance in their role while B and C Players may require more work to be successful. mobile app development portfolio

The introduction of our Smart Interview BoT Incrementally increase candidate outreach 24×7.

mobile app development portfolio - HireKhan

HireKhan IT Projects Outsource Online

mobile app development portfolio - HireKhan

Why Outsource Projects?

Large enterprises and small businesses often choose to outsource their information technology (IT) systems and services for a variety of reasons. This choice carries with it some obvious benefits and some often not so obvious risks.

Evaluating whether or not to outsource your company’s project can be challenging. Before making this potentially risky leap, you have to assess if this is a good move for your business, keeping in mind that what works for your business today may not work in the future.

Also it is imperative for the company to hire a good vendor who can quickly get them the desired quality staff within the promised timelines. mobile app development portfolio

mobile app development portfolio - HireKhan

HireKhan Makes IT Work

Efficient Project Implementation and Management is the corner stone of a fast evolving Business & Technological world that we live in. However, getting this done is not an easy task.

We at HireKhan.com understand this need. Backed by our understanding and experience in providing good and reliable Manpower & Projects Implementation, we go to great depths in seamless execution of your projects.

We also understand that there lies a great opportunity in marketing this wisdom worldwide. mobile app development portfolio

Our Services Include:

mobile app development portfolio - HireKhan

In Business & IT, projects have become more complex as technologies rapidly change and end-users demand greater ease-of-use and flexibility. For an project manager to achieve their objectives, it is imperative that these initiatives are completed on time and on budget. PMP & IT project management (ITPM) is the process of managing the plan, organization, and accountability to achieve information technology goals. Since the reach of IT spans across most of a business or enterprise, the scope of these projects can be large and complex. The magnitude of HireKhan Business & IT project management often means that it’s more than just applying knowledge, aligning skills, and using regular tools and techniques to drive a project to completion. Our highly qualified and experienced Business & IT project managers deal with the challenges of interdependent integrations, rapid technology upgrades, and version changes that can occur throughout the project timeline. . mobile app development portfolio

mobile app development portfolio - HireKhan

Implementation is the act of putting the strategy into place utilizing resources within an organization or department. Sometimes you may need to outsource Project Implementation to bring in the expertise necessary to bring a project to completion. And it is fundamental to have an implementation methodology for that Project to succeed. To implement a project means to carry out activities proposed in the application form with the aim to achieve project objectives and deliver results and outputs. Its success depends on many internal and external factors. Some of the most important ones are a very well organised project team and effective monitoring of project progress and related expenditures. Overall management has to be taken over by the lead partner and project manager. The project management has to have an efficient management system and always has to be flexible to current needs and changed situations, as the project is rarely implemented exactly according to the initial plan. Nevertheless, the partnership should aim to deliver quality results and outputs. mobile app development portfolio

Don’t Keep Yourself Waiting

Our Project Management Officers will have detailed discussion on your requirement and understand your needs in greater detail. We believe in more straight forward approach of telephonic, face to face / Skype Video call discussion. Waste no time.

Allocation of Projects starts almost instantly at HireKhan. Select the category of Project from the Menu above and book a time slot to talk to our Subject Matter Experts.

Why Outsource Business & IT Services to HireKhan?

Working with outside contractors is a strategy that can save time and money by keeping the operation lean while outsourcing specialized talent. Also technology is constantly evolving at a rate faster than our wildest imagination and so are the skill sets of the persons who can be entrusted with that job. Here are some reasons to help you understand why you should choose HireKhan as your Outsourcing Partner:

Controlled IT Costs
Reduced Labor Costs
Reduced Risk
Qualified & Experienced Workforce
Focus on Core Operations
Instant Project Allocation

HireKhan BPO Outsource Online

mobile app development portfolio - HireKhan

BPO Industry –
An Integral Part of Today’s Business Environment

Business Process outsourcing (BPO) is the delegation of an intensive business process to an outside service provider who owns administers and manages it according to a defined set of metrics. The need to cut costs and focus on core competencies has led to the emergence of outsourcing BPO services.

Business Process Outsourcing is an important component of Business Strategy of major organizations worldwide. BPO is positively related to the quest for more efficient organizational designs: cost reduction, productivity growth and innovative capabilities. Hence, BPO is important source for strategic advantage. mobile app development portfolio

mobile app development portfolio - HireKhan

HireKhan –
Your Partner in Customer Relations

As a Business Process Outsourcing Partner, HireKhan provides customer experiences, back office and front office operations for our clients. mobile app development portfolio

However, we provide so much more than just Business Process Outsourcing. We are your partners in scale. We take the heavy burden of these tasks to allow you to focus on your core competencies and true innovation. mobile app development portfolio

Through brilliant people, innovative technology and operational excellence, HireKhans’ Business Process Outsourcing is the rocket fuel that helps power, support and guide our clients’ star ship

Our BPO Services Include:

mobile app development portfolio - HireKhan
Outbound Services

An outbound call centre is one in which call centre agents make outbound calls to customers on behalf of a business or client. Calls made from the centre can include telemarketing, sales or fund-raising calls, as well as calls for contact list updating, surveys or verification services. mobile app development portfolio

mobile app development portfolio - HireKhan
Inbound Services

An inbound call is one that a customer initiates to a call centre or contact centre. A help desk handles inbound calls as well, although calls may be made from employees rather than customers. A call centre may handle either inbound or outbound calls exclusively or might deal with a combination of the two

mobile app development portfolio - HireKhan
Web Enabled Services

Web enabled refers to a product or service that can be used through, or in conjunction with, the World Wide Web. A Web- enabled product may be accessed through a Web browser or be able to connect to other Web-based applications in order to synchronize data. mobile app development portfolio

Make Every Conversation Count

Our BPO Service Officers will have detailed discussion on your requirement and understand your needs in greater detail. We believe in more straight forward approach of telephonic, face to face / Skype Video call discussion. Waste no time.

Allocation of Projects starts almost instantly at HireKhan. Select the Category of BPO Service from the Menu above and book a time slot to talk to our Subject Matter Experts. mobile app development portfolio

mobile app development portfolio - HireKhan

Why Outsource BPO Services to HireKhan?

As anything in business management, deciding to outsource is a strategic decision. However, companies usually think ‘short term’ and question why should they outsource if they could have someone in-house to take care of it all. To help you with that, we’ve come up with this brief list of reasons to outsource:

Trained & Efficient Workforce
Reduced Costs
Increased Productivity
24 X 7 X 365 Service
AI Based Technology
Industry Best Practices
Rich Domain Knowledge
Quality Assured
Faster Turnaround Times
mobile app development portfolio - HireKhan

Our Services

HireKhan offers a complete package of Outsourcing and HR Services ranging from Online Platform for Projects, BPO & Manpower to Online Background Verification Services, from Job Portal for Employers to Job Seeker App for the ones looking for opportunities. We call ourselves the ‘Amazon of HR & Outsourcing’.


From really understanding the need of our clients to the need of the candidates, we dive into unfathomable depths. Our aim is One World, One Platform for Outsourcing & Jobs, so that society is busy in prosperity and technology helps in maintaining positive decorum.

Our Business Model

Our Business model is to operate world-wide through Joint Ventures across major countries and through dealerships in other smaller countries. We provide Framework and Operational Support to our JV partners and they Execute and Market HireKhan in their country.

About Us

Imagining technology for Socio Economic Impact, is all we do every day.

We believe that it is our most important job. A refreshing imagination acts as concrete foundation on which great businesses are built. An ageless philosophy, it never loses its relevance. A financial ecosystem and job creation is an integral part to any economy and vibrant society. Millions of families rely on business funding and jobs. Underestimating the importance of having a good financial ecosystem and job market can be fatal.

It is here where we make a difference through our products Fintech Platform “Fundacle” for funding & “HireKhan” for Jobs and Outsourcing of BPO, Projects & Manpower.

Anim Akhtar Ali Khan

Chairman & Founder

In this fast moving and highly competitive world where everything is available online on a click of a button, HireKhan brings to you first time online Manpower Ordering, Projects initiation & CV Verification services, at your service 24/7, 365 days a year at cut throat prices and faster turn-around times.

Yes. By teaming with us, you can reduce your current operating expenses by a whopping 25–40% without compromising on quality or timelines. In fact, you will soon see a marked increase in your ROI, as our services are accurate, are of impeccable quality, and are always delivered ahead of schedule.

We understand how important it is to keep customer data secure, private, and confidential. Our organization has taken several stringent security measures, such as:

  • At the onset of every project, we sign a non-disclosure agreement with the client, and our employees must sign a non-disclosure agreement as well.
  • Our security team has installed virtual private networks (VPNs) and firewalls to maintain outbound and inbound data security.
  • All the PC workstations that our employees use are devoid of external access and storage devices, such as USB ports, CD drives and floppy drives.
  • Every system in our office and every employee email account is password-protected to prevent any unauthorized use of data.
  • In case of a fire, no data will be lost, as we backup important documents in an offsite storage facility. We use fireproof cabinets within our offices for added safety.
  • Our IT security team regularly installs the latest anti-virus software and updates to guard our servers.
  • All our offices are guarded by 24/7 armed security. Only employees with access cards can enter our premises.
  • Surveillance cameras in our office premises are constantly monitored to ensure that client assets always remain secure.

Clients can make payments through Bank Transfers or our highly secured Online Payment Gateway Partners – PayU Money and Razorpay for India and Razorpay International for outside India.

Why Choose Us

HireKhan is the only comprehensive online platform. Outsource all your worries, headaches, sleepless nights to us. We in turn deliver nothing, but Ultimate Cherishable Experience. Period. For Us Quality Precedes Everything and Nothing can Change that.


  • Highest Level Understanding, Commitment & Competence.
  • Online, Easy & Transparent
  • Relevant & Quality Manpower
  • Reach and Speed in our Every Project Undertaken.
  • Flawless and Time Bound Execution.
  • Strict adherence to Transparent and Ethical Standards.
  • Affordable but not Cheap.

We at HireKhan understand this need. Backed by our understanding and experience in providing good and reliable Manpower & Projects Implementation, we go to great depths in seamless execution of your projects and HR requirements.

7 Reasons Why India is the best outsourcing destination

When one thinks of outsourcing, India is the first destination that comes to mind. The IT boom India experienced in the last two decades has led to unprecedented growth and a firm position as the world’s number one outsourcing destination.

There are many factors which make India stand out as a prime software outsourcing destination. These are:

1. Population

The population of India is a huge factor in its rise as a popular IT destination. As of 2013, India’s labour force participation rate was 52.5%, translating to 671 million, almost double of the USA’s population at that time (316.4 million). The labour force participation rate of India is set to grow dramatically, as the country is set to have one of the world’s youngest populations by 2020. This makes it very easy to find good talent at affordable cost. If you try to look at India from the perspective of size of it’s population and its cultural diversity, India is not a country, but as good as a continent.

2. Size of its software industry

As a massive country with a massive population, it is no surprise that the size of the Indian software outsourcing industry is also huge ($129.5 billion as of 2016); which is bigger than that of the entire Europe.

In terms of the national GDP, the sector’s revenue has gone from accounting for 1.2% of the national GDP in FY 1998 to nearly 9.3% in FY 2016. As of 2016, it is the leader of the global outsourcing market, accounting for 56% of the market size.

This clearly depicts that software outsourcing in India is a globally proven model, as there are plenty of companies in India that have mastered successful delivery of great projects.

3. Experience with Fortune 500 companies

Another important reason to consider India as your software outsourcing destination is that lot of Fortune 500 companies like Cisco, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Adobe, and Walmart have set up their software development centres in India, and many others are considering to open their centres in India. Nearly 30% of Oracle’s employees are based in India, as is 75% of the management. This shows that there is a mature talent pool in the country with a proven experience of collaboration with stakeholders across the globe.

4. Language

India the second-largest English speaking country in the world, only after the US. With the continued rise of children opting to go to English-medium schools, the English-speaking population of India is expected to experience steady growth.

In the workplace, more often than not, English is the language used to communicate, not just between client and developer, but also peers.

5. Cost-effective

Perhaps the most enticing reason of all is the immense cost savings that India offers.

Based on Glassdoor, the average salary of a software developer in Bengaluru, India is about $8,700, while the national average of software developers’ salary in the USA is nearly 10 times more, $85,000.

6. Round-the-clock service

For organizations based in Western Europe or the Americas, working with Indian companies provides them with the added benefit of round-the-clock service. One can work during the day, push tasks for the outsourcing company to finish during their working hours, and have it ready by the time they come back next day. This speeds up the work process in an efficient and controlled manner.

7. Support from government

What really works for India as a software outsourcing destination is the support the IT industry receives from the government. This has led to the creation of tech hubs like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, and Chennai, where even the state governments are giving priority to the growth of the IT sector.

The government has come up with schemes and policies like Special Economic Zones (SEZs) and Software Technology Parks (STPs), which have provided the IT/ITeS industry with a push.

The STP scheme allows software companies to set up operations in convenient locations. Under the scheme, these units are entitled to numerous benefits like exemptions of customs duty on imported goods and refund of central sales tax (CST).

An SEZ is a specific duty-free enclave and is deemed to be out of Customs jurisdiction regarding trade operations, duties, and tariffs. The policy has led to the creation of such specific Zones that offer high-quality infrastructure and services for those oriented towards international business.

By keeping a keen eye out for talented people and the right agencies, outsourcing to India can be highly beneficial and rewarding for your company.


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